how do rent to own programs work

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Rent to Own Programs – How Does Rent to Own Work? | Conn’s – YES MONEY could be a better financing option for you. Lease and rent to own programs can be a smart choice for many consumers, but at Conn’s HomePlus, you could qualify for a retail installment contract, direct loan.

How Rent-to-own Homes Work. The option fee is a set amount that the renter pays the seller. If, at the end of the lease period, the renter buys the house, the option fee becomes part of the down payment. If the renter doesn’t buy the house, the option fee becomes income for the seller. Rent premiums are an amount slightly above the typical rent,

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Rent to own programs offer an affordable way to rent furniture, appliances, TVs and more at Conn’s HomePlus, with no credit needed and with the option to buy.

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A rent to own works in much the same way. A buyer puts down a “purchase option” deposit, usually less than the traditional 5% required by the bank and makes a monthly payment. A portion of the rent is a credit towards the future down payment. The end purchase price is predetermined at the time of signing.

Qualifying to purchase a home through our Rent to Own program is easy! If you have reliable income to support the monthly lease payments and are able to provide an initial Option fee, then you can easily qualify for one of our unique and exciting Rent to Own Purchase Programs, even with damaged credit.

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