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PURCHASE OR REFINANCE AFTER FORECLOSURE – Fellowship Home Loans – PURCHASE OR REFINANCE AFTER FORECLOSURE. 18,Sep,2017 0 Comments. Share on Facebook Share. Share on Twitter Tweet.. VA, and Conventional loans all have specific time periods to wait before being able to pursue financing under one of these programs, and that waiting period varies from product.

Conventional loan after foreclosure. Asked by Kaylee Wensel, Dallas, TX Thu May 10, 2018. My boyfriend and I are purchasing a home together. I will be the co-borrower. He has a foreclosure on his background check, but not on his credit that Ended in 2013.

If you pay off your debts, then qualify for an FHA loan, you’ll need a much smaller down payment. The credit score requirements are also lower than for a conventional mortgage. You do have to show a.

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 · Conforming loan after a short sale. Buyers with ten percent down face a four-year wait. Homebuyers looking to put less than ten percent down will need to wait seven years from the date of their short sale. There are exceptions to the normal waiting periods for a.

Learn how to buy a home after foreclosure, bankrupcty or. –  · Conventional Loan after Foreclosure. For most conventional loan programs, the waiting period to purchase a home after a foreclosure is seven years. This is the standard waiting period required by Fannie Mae, a government-sponsored enterprise (GSE) that purchases a significant amount of residential mortgages in the U.S.

FEATURED – 2018 Guide to Buying a Home After Bankruptcy, Short. – Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: You may apply for an FHA loan after your. Foreclosure: The waiting period for a conventional Fannie Mae loan is.

Getting a Mortgage After a Foreclosure in 2019 – Non-Prime. – Conventional Loan After Foreclosure The rules for getting a conventional mortgage after you have foreclosed is that you wait 7 years. However, if there were "extenuating circumstances", such as a job loss, or something else out of your control, this may be reduced to only 3 years.

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Yes, if any borrower on the loan has a foreclosure within the last 3 years then they cannot go on a Fannie Mae loan. If the foreclosure was over 3 years, but less than 7, then it can be OK if the foreclosure was due to extenuating circumstances.

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Mortgage Waiting Periods After a Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, or Short Sale – Mortgage Waiting Periods After Foreclosure. The mortgage waiting periods begin after the completion date: fannie Mae (conventional) loan – 7.