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How does National Guard BAH work? | Yahoo Answers – But since you are National Guard none of this matters, because like posted in previous responses you need to be active army to get BAH, if National Guard is activated then you are deployed. So you wouldn’t be able to receive BAH anyways.

Mississippi River hits crest in Tunica and Helena – The National Guard did similar work in 2011. 11 a.m. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has opened the Bonnet Carre (BAH-nee KAR-ee) Spillway after heavy rain in the Mississippi Valley and rising river.

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Types of BAH – – There are several types of BAH to satisfy various housing situations that occur among military members. In general, the amount of BAH you receive depends on your location, pay grade, and whether you have dependents. Under most circumstances, you receive BAH for the location where you are assigned, not where you live.

For Reservists and Guard members the following active duty qualifies for Post-9/11 GI Bill eligibility. This stipend is based on the DoD’s Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) for an E-5 with.

Airlines increase pilot hiring, threaten AF retention – The bah varies depending on where you live. the Air Force is attempting to make it an attractive option to stay in the Air National Guard or Air Force Reserve. Rand says the Air Force should let.

House panel unveils $578.6 billion for defense spending – It also provides money to maintain 100 percent of troop housing costs through the Basic Allowance for Housing. "This bill makes the most. air support to protect ground troops and that the Army.

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Regulation for Dual Military BAH Question | Army Study Guide – Where can I see in print the regulation for getting BAH while dual military. My understanding is if you’re dual military with no children you both get single BAH, and with children the higher ranking person gets married BAH and the other single BAH. Not sure if that is correct or not.

PDF Comparison of Pay and Benefits Eligibility for Active-duty. – COMPARISON OF PAY AND BENEFITS ELIGIBILITY FOR ACTIVE-DUTY PERSONNEL AND NATIONAL GUARD AND RESERVE PERSONNEL ON ACTIVE DUTY A Report Prepared by the federal research division, Library of Congress under an Interagency Agreement with the Commission on the National Guard and Reserves March 2007 . Researcher: Glenn E. Curtis

Army National Guard – You can expect to earn excellent pay as a Guard Soldier. specific pay level will be determined by your rank, job and education level. The higher you go, the.